Corn Board Manufacturing Demonstrates Eco-Friendly Pressed Wood Alternatives

Dallas – April 22, 2016 -- Corn Board Manufacturing, Inc., an eco-friendly manufacturer of pressed wood alternatives, will demonstrate several applications of its technology at Earth Day Texas (EDTx) 2016 taking place in Dallas April 22-24, 2016. Corn Board Manufacturing uses a patented technology to turn corn stover biomass (corn stalks, leaves, and corn cobs left in the field after harvest) into a durable, environmentally friendly product called CornBoard™. CornBoard can be used to replace wood in thousands of products and applications, including pallets, furniture, action sports equipment and door cores. Harvesting corn stover and turning it into CornBoard can help save millions of trees. Recently, Corn Board Manufacturing signed a letter of intent with a furniture company to provide CornBoard desk tops, launched Stalk It - a line of sport action boards to promote CornBoard, and launched an outdoor furniture line called Zea Home. CornBoard sports equipment (long boards, surf boards, skate boards, snow boards, paddle boards, etc.).is available online via select retailers. Plans to launch a line of CornBoard pallets, which weigh less than traditional lumber pallets and save on fuel costs as a result, are underway.
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