CEO Lane Segerstrom vists Governor of Hawaii Neil Abercrombie

CEO Lane Segerstrom and wife Tammy visit Hawaii and Meet with Neil Abercrombie, Governor, State of Hawaii.

Lane Segerstrom, CEO of Corn Board Manufacturing Inc. and Stalk It Inc., met with Governor Neil Abercrombie to share ideas on affordable housing in Hawaii and how Corn Board Manufacturing Inc. can play a big part by providing CornBoard™ products to the Hawaii market place.

Hawaii is one of the most expensive places to build homes in the nation. If we can provide relief to those expenses, we will help our customers, while saving our forests at the same time. CornBoard™ is making strides, replacing wood products in hundreds of applications. said Segerstrom.

While visiting, Lane shared information on the Stalk It™ brand of Surf, Snow and Skateboards with the Governor. Hawaii is the birthplace of surfing, Lane said, going on to explain how he plans to add the CornBoard™ Technology to surfboards, replacing currently existing Wood Stringers with CornBoard™ Stringers.

Traditionally, foam core Surfboards have been made with redwood stringers to add strength. However, as redwood products became scarce, balsa wood and laminate combinations started to fill that gap. Now, we can close the gap further, replacing our worlds precious wood products with renewable, sturdy biomass materials. We can engineer CornBoard™ with strength, structure and durability, yet, keeping it lightweight enough to fit the needs and demands of the industry , Lane added.

From L-R Tammy Segerstrom, Governor, Neil Abercrombie, Lane Segerstrom